OTE - OpenTAP Test Executive

OTE (OpenTAP Test Executive) is a generic test executive (test shell) for running OpenTAP test plans
, taking advantage of the OpenTAP infrastucture.
OTE builds upon the OpenTAP open-source project for test automation.

OTE expands the OpenTAP system by providing a generic and flexible platform for running OpenTAP test plans and handling common tasks required by all test plans such as user identification and access, graphical user interface, global error handling, handling of test results, test reports etc
All this while taking advantage of the powerful sequence engine, infrastructure and modularity of OpenTAP.

Read more aboute OpenTAP here.
OTE standard user interface in dark theme

Keysight PathWave Test Automation (or any other OpenTAP editor) is used for development and debugging of OpenTAP test plans (test sequences) used by OTE.

Read more about PathWave Test Automation here.


Development of plug-ins for test steps, instruments and DUTs are done in C# (or Python) using Visual Studio (SDK and templates are included). In addition, Keysight VEE UserFunctions can be used as test steps.


OTE retaines the use-model from GJC's Keysight VEE based test executive VTE and is the natural migration path for existing VTE systems.


OTE handles products, test plans (with OpenTAP test plan files), test results, users and more. OTE stores all information incl. test results in a SQL Server database.


Some key features of OTE:

  • Configuration and management of Products, Test plans (with OpenTAP test plan files), Users, Database access and Test system
  • SQL Server database is used for storing all information incl. users, products, test plans as well as test results
  • User login with three configurable access levels
  • Standard graphical operator interface
  • Several run modes incl. normal (production), adjustment and MSA (Measurement System Analysis)
  • Standard test report
  • Fundamental statistics such as product yields, test result statistics and failure rates
  • Dark or light themes
  • Customization in several ways incl. operator (or machine) interface and test reports
  • Packet Manager for installing, uninstalling and updating OpenTAP packages. Can optionally also install and update packages for PathWave Test Automation (if installed)
  • Visual Studion project template and several test step templates adapted for OTE are included


Below are sceenshots of some OTE menues and screens.

  • Standard user interface, dark theme
  • Standard user interface, dark theme

The database structure makes it easy for external applications to consume data. For example, Microsoft Power BI can be used to create and share interactive, immersive and compelling reports.


Below are some examples of custom Power BI reports using OTE's database as source.

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OTE is delivered and sold as a consulting service including source code, customization, and assistance at start-up/deployment. OTE can be used and distributed freely within the company site (site licensed).

Keysight PathWave Test Automation (licensed) is required for test plan devlopment and debugging.

More information?
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